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Aerobatic planes

Airbus A320 training and grading
Come and fly our Airbus A320 Simulator. Experience first hand what it is like to be in control of this hight tech passenger jet!
2 hours with experienced instructor
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Boeing 737-800 static training
Train with an experienced instructor for a grading or assessment in the B737NG static sim.
60 minutes
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About the category aerobatics

In this category aerobatics you will find all flights that involve aerobatics. Aerobatics is the official name for flying loops, corkscrews, tollbooths and other manoeuvres with a lot of G-forces. In the Netherlands it is also called 'kunstvliegen' and in popular speech 'stuntvliegen'. You will never hear real pilots use that term, because these are fully controlled flying figures. For most aerobatics lessons and experiences you need a stronger stomach. This is really for the daredevils and adrenaline junkies.

You will not only find aerobatics lessons here, but also so-called "thrill rides". In a stunt flying lesson, you are allowed to fly the figures yourself. At a thrillride you are "just" a passenger. These flights are often more intense in terms of G-forces because they are flown in faster planes.

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