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Can I postpone or cancel the simulator?

Yes, free of charge up to 48 hours before the simulator. After that, costs may be charged, for example because the flying school can not book another participants for that period, or costs have already been made.

How does ordering work exactly?

Read all about it on our page How it works

Can anyone join the simulators?

At the experience of your choice you will find whether there are certain requirements for your physical condition.
We do not recommend participating for people whose condition does not allow flying in a airliner or, for example, driving a car. Depending on the arrangement, pregnant women can participate up to approximately 30 weeks' pregnancy. If you suffer from motion sickness or a weak stomach, please indicate this in advance so that it can be taken into account. When in doubt, always consult beforehand with your doctor.

Can there be passengers alongside the participant?

Check the simulator of your choice under Specifications. Here you can find how many people the simulator is for. For some simulators there is a small extra price for this. You never fly with strangers.

Can my partner or friend join the theory lesson?

Of course they can! There are no additional costs for that.

How far ahead should I make a reservation?

Usually you can go to your simulator within a week. It can take a bit longer for the weekends.
Book at least two days in advance due to the planning of the flight schools.

Some products are seasonal, such as glider flying. In addition, gliding has limited availability. Book these flights well in advance.

An exception to the above are the Last Minutes. These can be booked up to 2 hours before the start.

How can I get my first flight certificate?

When your voucher is redeemed, you can download this first flight certificate. Go to this page and enter your voucher code. You will see a button "Make first flight certificate". If you don't see the button, your voucher is probably not redeemed yet. This may take a few days after your flight. When it is redeemed you get a mail to write a review.

I made a reservation, but have not heard anything yet

After booking you receive a confirmation by email within a few minutes. Did you not receive the mail? Then your reservation is not sent. Check your reservation by entering your voucher number at reservation. After booking, the planner will contact you within 2 working days to confirm the appointment. For questions about your appointment, contact the planner directly. You have received the contact details by email. You can also request this information by entering your voucher number at reservation. Unfortunately, cannot help you with questions about the planning.
Please do not come to the location until your reservation is confirmed.

I have a cool photo / video of my flight, can I share it with you?

Of course, we think that's great! You can share it on our Facebook page.

Can I change the voucher later?

Yes this is possible! For example, you can extend the simulator or even choose something completely different. Ideal if you find another simulator more enjoyable. No costs are charged for this, you only have to pay the difference in price. The voucher is not redeemable for money so you will not get a refund when you choose a cheaper product. You can easily arrange it yourself, enter your voucher number at reservation and choose 'change voucher'.

Can the simulator also be given in English?

No problem! All colleagues of the flight schools speak English.

What time is the simulator?

When composing your simulator you can specify a reservation request for a day and part of a day. You will receive a confirmation by mail with more information and the exact time. When booking a Last Minute or skydiving on Texel, Zeeland or Ameland you immediately choose a time.

How do I stay informed of offers, new products and other news?

Sign up for our newsletter (you will immediately receive our e-book for free!) and follow us on Facebook.

Can I also pay at the location?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The flight schools only schedule appointments when prepaid. This is done because of 'no shows'.

My voucher number does not work, what now?

Vouchers from always have 11 digits and no letters. Check your voucher via reservation.
Is the voucher not found? Then check whether it is still valid. Unfortunately, when the validity period has expired, the voucher can no longer be used.

How long is the gift card valid?

If you order a gift card today, it will be valid for 2 years. If you have already ordered a gift card, please check the validity date on the gift card. Older gift cards may be valid for a shorter period.

What is the minimum age of the participant or passenger?

Take a look at the Specifications section of the simulator of your choice, that is what it says.

Can I also receive the gift voucher by post?

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. You can print the gift voucher yourself and give it as a present. You can also show the voucher on your phone at the location. We can send you a nice gift pack with our theory booklet on flying a plane or helicopter. That way you have something tangible to give as a present. More information.

Can I give a voucher with an amount?

Of course you can! Check out this page for our different fun coupons with an Euro value.

Is the simulator available on a specific date?

You can see when there is still availability under the simulator. There you can also book directly.
An overview of all simulators on a certain day can be found in the schedule.
The availability is shown in different colors: red (full), yellow (almost full), green (available) or gray (on request). You can make a reservation for days that are 'on request'. The planners do their utmost to schedule you for that day.

Do you already have a voucher? Then go to reservation.

What does the voucher look like?

Download this example.

My question is not listed here...

You can of course also contact us via chat, e-mail or telephone.
Go to our contact page for this.

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