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Can there be passengers alongside the participant?

Check the simulator of your choice under Specifications. Here you can find how many people the simulator is for. For some simulators there is a small extra price for this. You never fly with strangers.

Can anyone join the simulators?

At the experience of your choice you will find whether there are certain requirements for your physical condition.
We do not recommend participating for people whose condition does not allow flying in a airliner or, for example, driving a car. Depending on the arrangement, pregnant women can participate up to approximately 30 weeks' pregnancy. If you suffer from motion sickness or a weak stomach, please indicate this in advance so that it can be taken into account. When in doubt, always consult beforehand with your doctor.

How does ordering work exactly?

Read all about it on our page How it works

Can my partner or friend join the theory lesson?

Of course they can! There are no additional costs for that.


Information about Covid

At this moment we are flying. On our dedicated Covid information page you can read which safety measures are taken and if there are limitations. You can also find information about how to extend your voucher if that is necessary. Please read this carefully before contacting us.

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