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Full motion flight simulator
Fly yourself in a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 simulator with moving cabin.
139.-  119.-
30 minutes
4.9 (275)Shop now
Ostend, Lelystad
Fear of flying course
Ostend, Lelystad
Overcome your fear of flying during this private training in a full motion simulator.
1 person
5.0 (31)Shop now
F16 simulator
This is what it feels like to fly in a fighter jet! Fly yourself in a lifelike F16 flight simulator.
60 minutes
4.5 (2)Shop now
Den Haag, Schiphol, Oudenaarde, Lelystad
Static flight simulator
Den Haag, Schiphol, Oudenaarde, Lelystad
Fly yourself in a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 flight simulator, with fixed cabin.
30 minutes
4.8 (56)Shop now
Airbus A320 training and grading
Come and fly our Airbus A320 Simulator. Experience first hand what it is like to be in control of this hight tech passenger jet!
120 minutes
5.0 (0)Shop now
Nieuwerkerk, Gouda
Cessna flight simulator
Nieuwerkerk, Gouda
This used to be a real plane, now a flight simulator with a 180 degree screen.
79.-  49.-
60 minutes
5.0 (3)Shop now
Fun coupon
Can't make a choice? Give a voucher with an amount to spend freely.
20 euro
5.0 (0)Shop now
Boeing 737-800 simulator
A true copy of the Boeing 737 with full motion. You will forget you're not flying at all. Almost instantly thanks to the realistic movements.
1 hour
5.0 (1)Shop now
Boeing 737-800 grading package
The best preparation for a grading. Training under supervision of a TRI instructor.
12 hours
5.0 (0)Shop now
Boeing 737-800 with TRI
Single session in a Boeing 737 simulator under supervision of a licensed TRI instructor.
2 hours
5.0 (0)Shop now
Boeing 737-800 static training
Train with an experienced instructor for a grading or assessment in the B737NG static sim.
60 minutes
5.0 (0)Shop now

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