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About the category cross country

Do you want a bit more than a regular local flight lesson? Then take a look at these overland flying lessons.

With an overland flying lesson you fly from one airport to another airport and back again. Besides flying, you also get an introduction to navigation. Because an overland lesson is just a little bit more involved. A flight plan must be made. The route is mapped out, a fuel plan is needed. The situation at the airport where you are flying to in terms of weather and other peculiarities is also important. As a pilot, you normally prepare all this yourself. But because it is your first flying lesson, you do not have to do this yourself.

With an overland flight you can also change seats during the stopover. This is not possible in the air, of course, but if you do make a stopover it is no problem at all. In this way, one person can fly to the airport and the other back. Make sure you choose an aircraft with four seats. This can change.

The location of these overland flying lessons is always the airport of departure. This is also where you will return to in the end. Click through to the overland flights to see how you will fly.

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