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About the category flying courses

You will find more extensive packages of flying lessons in the flight training section.

One step further than a normal flight lesson is a beginner's course. Here you follow several flight lessons. The start-up courses are particularly suitable if you want to find out if you are interested in getting a pilot's licence. You do not commit yourself immediately to a complete training. We always recommend to do this first. Especially if you do have the dream to get your licence, but have never flown yourself. A step-up course is also suitable to see if you have a click with your instructor. After your start-up course you can always pay extra per lesson and continue learning and practising all the way up to your licence.

The full training course is an hour package for your PPL or LAPL licence. This includes only the practical lessons. Because you pay the package in one time, you get a nice discount. It is not possible to pay this package in instalments. In that case, it is better to follow a start-up course and then buy additional lessons.

Attention: the gliding courses are not in this category. Go to the gliding category.

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